Please Note: As of January 2015, The NoSleep Podcast is not accepting submissions from new narrators. This is due to our inability to process, review, and respond to the large number of applicants. Check back at a later date when we hope to reopen the application process.

Thanks for your interest in the podcast and we hope you continue to enjoy listening.


The Nosleep Podcast is looking for people who want to contribute by recording narration for us. As the podcast continues to grow we are striving to improve the quality of all aspects of the shows, especially narration.


With this in mind, we have started requiring higher standards for narration in order to continually make the shows better.


If you would like to apply to be a narrator for the podcast you need to have the following prerequisites:


1) You must have a good quality microphone with which to record. This doesn’t mean the microphone has to be expensive, but it should at least be a USB condenser microphone. Here are some examples of good microphones in an affordable price range:

Samson Go Mic – $40

Blue Snowball Ice – $70

Samson C01U – $80

Examples of microphones that are NOT acceptable for narration are: headset/gaming microphones, microphones that plug in to your computer’s 3/8″ microphone jack, built-in laptop/computer mics, smartphone mics, digital pocket recorders.


2) You must have a quiet & isolated environment in which to record. This means you need to be able to record with the microphone away from noisy computer fans and other ambient noises. It also means you should have a place with some form of sound baffling to isolate your voice. Recording in a room with bare walls and floors means your voice will get reflected back into the mic which creates poor audio quality. You need to find a spot like a closet or other small space where you could put a blanket or sleeping bag on the wall/floor to block noise and isolate your voice. You don’t have to create a professional quality isolation booth in your house, but you have to ensure your audio is as clean and quiet as you can possible make it.


If you feel you can meet those two prerequisites and you’d like to help us out and become a reader, here’s how you can do it:


*IMPORTANT STEP!* Record yourself narrating a sample from any Nosleep story. Make the recording about one minute long. This will give me a good idea of the technical quality of the audio and how your voice sounds. Send this sample file to me at volunteers@thenosleeppodcast.com.


– Once I approved your sample, find a horror story posted on the various subreddits that specialize in horror writing. The two obvious ones are: the Nosleep forum and Library of Shadows. We will only accept original stories that are posted on Reddit. No creepypasta or stories from other sites unless you are the author of the story.


– Pick stories that you think you’d be well-suited to read. Obviously the stories with the most upvotes would be the more popular stories to choose from, but don’t overlook some of the others. There are lots of creepy stories that don’t get lots of votes.


– Check the podcast story Master List to see if your chosen story is available to be recorded.


– Email us at volunteers@thenosleeppodcast.com to request a story. Do not record a story without checking with us first! If it’s already been done or reserved you will have wasted your time recording it.


– As for the technical side of recording, there is an amazing tutorial page found on the Wiki for Librivox. (Librivox is a project where volunteers record public domain books and turn them into free audiobooks). Their Wiki will have some stuff related solely to the Librivox project, but most of the information on there about microphones, software, technical specs, etc., is exactly what we need for The Nosleep Podcast.


– Please record your name (or pseudonym) at the start of the story (e.g. “Read by John Smith”) so we know the proper pronunciation of your name when we announce it on the podcast.


Once you’ve completed your recording, save it as an .mp3 and email it via attachment to volunteers@thenosleeppodcast.com. You don’t have to worry about too much fine editing. We will take care of most of that. Please do not use software noise reduction on your recording. Just make sure you record in as quiet a setting as possible with as little background noise as you can get. We’ll clean up any noise that might be audible. Try to follow the Librivox Wiki for the minimum technical requirements.


That’s about it! We will let you know if we’ll use your recording or if you need to make some changes/improvements. Hopefully, it will be a fun experience for you.


If you have any questions about the whole process, just email me at david@thenosleeppodcast.com and I’ll answer you as best as I can.


Join us! You’re not going to be sleeping anyway…


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