David Cummings


David Cummings – musician, voice actor, raconteur. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada over 50 years ago. In 2011, David rekindled his love of voice acting and audio horror storytelling with a new venture called, “The NoSleep Podcast”. Launched on June 13, 2011, he served as both host and producer. He continues to host the show while turning over the production to his talented team.

David and his team of voice actors, producers, illustrators, and composer Brandon Boone have grown the show to become one of the preeminent audio horror storytelling podcasts in the world. Currently with over 300 episodes produced totaling over 500 hours of content, the podcast has been downloaded over 100 million times. It has been featured in such media as USA Today, Wired, Fangoria, Flavorwire, Popsugar, Bustle, Blumhouse and many more.

The opportunity to voice act on many projects has been one of the highlights of his career, having performed not only on NoSleep but also Darkest Night, Deadly Manners, The Black Tapes, Smalltown Horror, Creepy, and Pseudopod, among others. Since August 2014 David has run the podcast full-time through his production company, Creative Reason Media, Inc.

David is proud to record using a Neumann TLM 107 microphone, generously provided by Neumann, the most revered name in microphones for over 80 years.

You can reach David and our support team at: admin@thenosleeppodcast.com