Charlie Cody

Charlie Cody


Charlie Cody has walked the earth for hundreds of years.

His background in the arts is strange and varied, and can be traced back to what could be considered, in modern terms, “graffiti art” carved into the bark of trees in the former Roanoke colony of the early Americas. Making his way north, he eventually found work in the winter of 1692 as an apprentice engraver and typesetter for a local newsletter in Salem, Massachusetts. A series of… disagreements with local officials and townsfolk that same year ultimately led him to an extended period of studying abroad.

A lot of studying.

During a particular anatomy project in Whitechapel in 1891, yet more… disagreements (this time with London officials) led to his hurried repatriation back into the United States. It was during this period that all official documentation of his existence seems to have somehow been either altered or completely removed from most public records.

He now lends his various “talents” to the Nosleep Podcast.