Corinne Sanders

Corinne Sanders

Voice Actor

I am an almost-graduated communications student at the University of Utah and am currently copywriting for a vegan startup company.

I’ve loved horror pretty much as long as I can remember.  I think my passion sparked from the camping trips I used to take with my family when I was elementary school age.  At night time we’d all be gathered around a fire and my dad would read from Alvin Schwartz’ Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books and scare the crap out of my siblings and me with the jump scares at the end of the stories.  I never got enough of it.

From then on, every trip to the library was like a trip to the candy store for me.  I’d dash in and run straight to the tiny horror section in the kid’s area and find old horror folklore tales and whatever else they had to offer.

My love/obsession of horror only grew stronger as I reached adulthood.  I had a job where I could listen to whatever I wanted while I worked, so I thought what better to listen to than horror?  I wanted something similar to the horror stories I used to listen to around the campfire so I searched forever for any podcast that read horror stories aloud.  One day I found The Nosleep Podcast and I was immediately hooked after listening to “The Stairs and the Doorway.”  It was exactly what I was looking for: something that really gets under your skin and makes you repeatedly look over your shoulder.  It quickly became my favorite podcast of all time.

At some point during the first season, I thought it would be really fun to narrate a story for the podcast.  I’m not sure when I got the idea that I should try, but I’d been told a lot when I was younger that when I read things out loud in church or elsewhere that it sounded really nice.  I’m also not sure when I got the courage to send David an email and try out for the podcast, but I’m very happy I did.  It’s been an amazing experience being part of something that so many people love, and I’ve had a blast narrating all kinds of stories and parts.  One of my favorites was when I played a drunk/angry/evil woman, which I’m worried to say came with ease.