Mark Pelham


Mark started posting his art the Nosleep Podcast Facebook group and started drawing the attention of the Facebook admins. One thing led to another and now he is locked in David’s dungeon forced to create illustrations for his new master.

It wasn’t always like this. Mark discovered his love of art fairly recently. In 2015, while learning how to create center pieces for his wedding, he stumbled across videos on how to draw flowers. Yup, flowers. With his love of art blooming, he thought about his favorite artists: Stephen Gammell, Edward Gory, John Kenn Mortensen, Junji Ito and Zdzisław Beksiński. The flowers wilted and the darkness took over.

Mark is still learning, growing and trying to find his own personal style. He usually sticks with hand drawn pen and ink illustrations enhanced with software in post but sometimes mixes in color pencils or water colors to keep things fresh and interesting.