Rent-to-Own a Season Pass

In order to make the Season Pass more accessible to listeners there is a new way you can become a member.

Some folks would love to buy a Season Pass but don’t have it in their budget to pay the $19.99 in one lump sum. They have chosen to buy each episode individually for $1.49. By making these smaller, more manageable payments every two weeks they still get to listen to the full-length episodes.

This is the “Rent-to-Own” plan, and here’s how it works.

During the season if you purchase any 14 episodes at the individual price you will be upgraded to a full Season Pass membership. That means you will get the other 11 regular season episodes along with the bonus episodes exclusive to Season Pass members at no extra charge.

The total cost of 14 individual episodes is $20.86 so you end up paying less than $1 more for the Season Pass by using the “Rent-to-Own” plan.

That’s a savings of over $16, plus you get the bonus episodes that wouldn’t be available if you only purchased individual episodes!

As soon as you have paid for your 14th individual episode just send an email to and include your name and the email address you used to buy each episode. Once we confirm the 14 purchases we will upgrade you to a Season Pass. That’s all it takes!

*IMPORTANT* You need to purchase each individual episode using the same name and email address. This is the only way we can confirm you have purchased the 14 shows.

I hope this will make The NoSleep Podcast more affordable and enjoyable for everyone!

Thanks for supporting the show!


Q: Do I have to buy the first 14 episodes in the season to get this deal?

A: Nope! Any 14 episodes in any order at any time will make you eligible.

Q: Will I automatically become a Season Pass member when I buy my 14 episodes?

A: My system isn’t set up to do this automatically so you have to email me and let me know you have purchased 14 episodes. I will manually upgrade your membership.

Q: I plan on Renting-to-Own a Season Pass. Can I access the bonus episodes when they come out?

A: No, the bonus episodes are exclusive to Season Pass members. However, as soon as you upgrade to your Season Pass you will have access to all the bonus episodes released prior to you upgrading (and the remaining bonus episodes when they come out).

Q: I have already purchased two individual episodes before you started the Rent-to-Own program. Do they still count towards the 14?

A: Absolutely! Any individual purchase will count towards the total of 14.