Olivia White

Content Manager

Olivia White is an author, journalist and video game developer from the UK. She works as content manager for The NoSleep Podcast, scheduling and selecting stories and generally trying to scare the pants off of people. This means that the final running order of most recent episodes you hear has been decided and selected by Olivia, so if you’re a free listener and there’s something in the season pass portion you really wanted to hear, you can blame her (or better yet, buy the episode or season pass!).

She also writes stories for the show, some of which people even liked. Sometimes she also writes ads, and is now an expert at coming up with ways to merge recipe and ingredient deliveries with horror.

Her first book, Bright Lights & Glass Houses: Therapy Edition is available from all good bookstores, and like three bad ones that sell forbidden occult tomes.

In The NoSleep Podcast’s worst-kept secret of all time, Olivia also occasionally publishes stories under the name Holly Dionis, including the infamous My Anime Body Pillow.