NoSleep in the Media


“NoSleep puts horror where it belongs: In your head” –

Journalist Chrissie Dickinson interviews David about how the style of the show has evolved and grown into live performances.


“Why Everyone Should Listen to the Chilling NoSleep Podcast” –

Writer Angelica Anderson reviews the podcast and extols not just the episodes themselves but our approach to advertisements.


“Podcast of the Week” – Den of Geek

Our Halloween 2016 episode gets the nod as Podcast of the Week by Den of Geek.


“The Best Horror Podcasts” – The Toronto Star

Toronto Star reporter Karon Liu features NoSleep in an article about the best podcasts presenting audio horror.


“My Stomach Was in My Butt” – Sampler Podcast

Sampler explores the scarier side of podcasting and features NoSleep along with an Orson Welles classic from Relic Radio, Limetown, and The Truth.


“No Sleep for the Wicked” – Human Echoes Podcast

Albert Berg and Tony Southcotte from the Human Echoes Podcast interview David about NoSleep, horror podcasting, and what it takes to do it full-time.


The Nosleep Podcast and the Art of the Scary Story – The Navigator

A look at how modern horror podcasts like NoSleep have given voice to a new generation of horror creators.


Why Podcasts Are the Hottest New Medium for Scary Stories – Cultured Vultures

Writer David O’Donoghue explains how The NoSleep Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire podcast have helped horror storytelling flourish in the podcast medium.


Antique Nightmares – Los Angeles Review of Books

Writer Jason Boog’s insightful essay about how horror podcasts like NoSleep have roots twisted deep in American radio history.


Scary Storytelling in the Internet Age – Den of Geek

Writer Alec Bojalad’s article about how the Internet and talented writers are creating a modern scary storytelling renaissance.


Need a Summer Scare? – USA Today

Reporter Matthew Jacobson interviews David about the podcast’s past, present, and future.


Talent Around the Block – Juliette Capdevielle

Photographer Juliette Capdevielle’s photo essay and interview with David about the podcast and his Toronto roots.


Talking in Our Sleep – Sonic Speaks

Sonic Society’s David Ault interviews David on the world of the show.


Podmass Spooks During Horrors Week – Onion A.V. Club

Writer Matt Kodner features the show on their 2014 Halloween Week podcasts review.


NoSleep Podcast 102 – Podcasting 101

Jason Parsons from Podcasting 101 has David back on the show to discuss becoming a full-time podcaster.


Inside the Insomnia-Inducing World of Horror Podcasting –

Host David Kirtley interviews David and ‘We’re Alive’ creator Kc Wayland about horror podcasting.


NoSleep Podcast 101 – Podcasting 101

Jason Parsons from Podcasting 101 interviews David about the world of The NoSleep Podcast.