Season 13 Trigger Warnings

Some of our listeners may find the content of certain stories disturbing because of trauma or bad experiences in their lives. This page allows you to get some information about stories that have content which may “trigger” emotionally disturbing memories.

In order to be as respectful as possible to the authors, these trigger warnings are not intended to be spoilers for the story. However, bear in mind that by viewing these trigger warnings you may see information that reveals aspects of the plot that may in fact “spoil” the impact of the story.

Please note that the very nature of horror stories is to frighten and disturb. The content of the stories on The NoSleep Podcast is inherently graphic in terms of adult language, themes of death, people being endangered by stalkers/murderers, and explicit sexuality. These themes are to be expected and therefore will not be listed as trigger warnings.

The New Decayed Episode 05

Trigger Warnings

“I Sold My Name at a Crossroads”
Drug abuse, sexual abuse

Addiction, suicide

“Services Rendered”
Graphic sexual content, graphic depiction of sexual acts, sexualized torture, voyeurism

Sexual abuse, torture

“Bonnie and Chris”
Graphic sexual content, graphic depiction of sexual acts, sexualized torture, implied child death, mental illness, torture, gore, alcohol abuse

The New Decayed Episode 04

Trigger Warnings

“Final Broadcast”
Existential crises

“The White Planet”
Open water

“I Found My Abduction Journal”
Sexual assault by aliens

The New Decayed Episode 03

Trigger Warnings

“Original Prankster”

The New Decayed Episode 02

Trigger Warnings

“Breast Exam”
Cancer, cancer treatment, masectomy, nudity, gore, body horror

“The Casting Couch”
Sex work, graphic sexual content, graphic depiction of sexual acts, discussion of adult authority figure taking advantage of a minor, discussion of statutory rape, body horror, dismemberment, frank discussion of neurodivergent thought patterns


Support for women facing or dealing with breast cancer 
Resources for male breast cancer
Support for cancer sufferers, their friends and family
A support group to connect cancer sufferers and survivors
Help and support for porn addiction
Advice and resources for staying safe in the world of online camming
While this is a guide on how to become a pornstar, it contains a lot of worthwhile information on how to protect yourself if you want to get into the industry

The New Decayed Episode 01

Trigger Warnings

“Ghosts on Drugs”
Drug use, self harm

“Janelle’s Baby”
Extreme self harm

“The Strangler”
Mental illness, child abuse, self harm

Help & Support: SAMHSA – Helpline for mental and substance abuse disorders, NAMI – Mental health support helpline, Postpartum Support International – Postpartum depression support network, MIND – Postnatal depression support guide, Helplines and resources for various addictions

Christmas 2019 SP Bonus

Trigger Warnings

“The Reappearance of the Brigantine Children”
Child harm, implied child death

“Wraparound: Secret Santa, Secret History”
Overuse of the word ‘synergy’


Trigger Warnings

Child death


Trigger Warnings

“A Proposal from Daddy Prince”
Child kidnapping

“Don’t Choose the Goat”
Child death


Trigger Warnings

“Daylight Remaining”
Child death

“I Remember Annie”
Domestic abuse

“2,300 Steps”
In-utero child death


Trigger Warnings

The House on Campground Road
Animal death

The Thing in the Bell Tower
Child death, mental illness


Trigger Warnings

“My Perfect Little Boy”
Mentions of suicide

“Nina’s Bones”
Child Death


Trigger Warnings

“Death in the Family”
Stalking, suicide

“The Parsonage”
Child death

“Can I Have More?”
Child death

“The Order of Lake Swain”
Child death


Trigger Warnings

“Dinosaur Bones”
Child abuse

“The Lies I Tell “
Child death, sexual assault

“The Stain”
Child death, suicide, bullying


Trigger Warnings

“They Still Haven’t Found Stevie”
Missing child

“Better than Mardi Gras”
Sexual assault

“Bad Apples”
Child harm, child death


Trigger Warnings

“Cry For Me”
Child death

“The Mystery of Orville’s Portraits”
Self harm


Trigger Warnings

“The Storm Game”


Trigger Warnings

“Sometimes Even Mamas Make Mistakes”
Animal abuse, animal death, mental illness

“Just One”


Trigger Warnings

“In The Corner of my Eye”
Mental illness

“In the Valley of the Headless Men”
Self harm, suicide


Trigger Warnings

“Mama’s Girl”
Child abuse

Child death

“The Peddler”
Sexual assault


Trigger Warnings

“Suicide Stitch”
Mental illness, self harm, suicide

“Last Man”
Domestic abuse

“The Voyeur”
Mental illness


Trigger Warnings

“My Childhood Friend, The Haze Beast”
Bullying, child death

“Secret Beach”
Child death


Trigger Warnings

“Blackberry Gap”
Child harm, child death

Mental Illness

“The Puppy Mill”
Animal cruelty, animal death


Trigger Warnings

“The Puppet in the Tree”
Child death

“Halfway to Forgotten”
Elderly abuse

“Troll Bridge”


Trigger Warnings

“The Barn Fire”
Self harm

“Mom and Dad”
Animal harm, death

“Can Spiders Actually Lay Eggs Under Human Skin?”
Spiders, self harm

Suicide, self harm, mental illness


Trigger Warnings

“Missing Brindolyn”
Child death


Trigger Warnings

“The House of Edges”
Rape, sexual assault, mental illness, eating disorders

“Seven Hand-Tied Knots”
Child Death


Trigger Warnings

“Red Meat and Rats”
Child harm, child death