David Cummings


David was born many moons ago in a log cabin he built with his father. Growing up with a passion for both science and the arts he quickly gravitated to music and acting as creative outlets. While in high school and college he participated in various theatrical productions both on the stage and in the orchestra pit.

While spending most of the 90s as a professional musician David had opportunities to do small voiceover projects while working in various recording studios. It was a passion which was set aside when the urge to actually make a living became too great to ignore. He spent the next decade working as a software developer in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. In 2011, the itch to return to voice acting as a hobby brought to his attention a newfound idea for a podcast featuring horror stories being narrated from Reddit’s Nosleep subreddit. His offer to produce the first few episodes to get the podcast off the ground turned into him becoming the de facto producer from its very start to present day.

Reflecting both his passion for creativity while staying grounded in reasoned thinking, he formed his company called Creative Reason Media in 2013. The NoSleep Podcast became David’s full-time career in August 2014.

He resides in a small town north of Toronto with his wife Wendy and various pets. When not actively working on podcast production he enjoys contributing his voice to other audio productions and podcasts. He also enjoys writing when time permits and astronomy when he can stay awake long enough to gaze up at the stars.

David is proud to record using a Neumann TLM 107 microphone, generously provided by Neumann, the most revered name in microphones for over 80 years.

You can reach David and our support team at: admin@thenosleeppodcast.com