Voice Actor

Eden is a news production technical director by day and an eccentric voice actress, writer, artist, gamer and narrator by night. A YouTuber who has a multi-faceted channel in hopes of appealing to a wide range of audiences, she always welcomes new challenges regarding storytelling as well as vocal work. Though a bit late in the game when it comes to horror narrations, she doesn’t mind and is enjoying her work thoroughly.

Working a full time job doesn’t stop her from coming home and grinding out videos for her fans because she loves what she does. Her passion is her channel and interacting with her fans is part of that passion. She also started her voice acting career at the tender age of sweet sixteen where she’d done a variety of fandubs and radio plays. She’s been an avid listener of the NoSleep Podcast for 5 years and going strong.

Her other interesting qualities is that she is a shameless anime geek. Seriously. She’s shameless about it. See what shenanigans she’s getting into by checking out her channel and social medias.

You can reach Eden at: studio.of.eden@gmail.com