Mike DelGaudio

Voice Actor

Hey! This is Mike DelGaudio, one of the regular players on the NoSleep Podcast since Season 4. I discovered the NoSleep podcast after taking a crack at narrating a story from the /r/nosleep subreddit myself, just for giggles. That helped me connect with David, and he invited me to start participating, and I have fallen in love with it!

I’m a working voice actor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Most of my stuff is in Radio and TV commercials and on-line training. I’ve really enjoyed working on the NoSleep Podcast because it allows me to stretch out, and try things you can normally never get away with in a corporate gig. Plus it’s been a great excuse to build out my home studio!

I hate brushing my hair, and I try and shave as infrequently as possible without actually growing a beard. I knock around on the drums from time to time, and you can usually find me taking one kind of class or another.

I’ve met so many kind and wonderful fans while working on the Podcast, it’s been extremely rewarding!