Peter Lewis

Peter Joseph Lewis

Voice Actor

Peter was born between Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois in 1989, and to this day, no one is quite sure why. The youngest of four, Peter was a quiet child, described by neighbors as: “He looked a little untrustworthy from a distance, and I certainly never wanted to risk getting closer.”

The feeling of general unease felt by those nearby, would follow him out of the Great Lakes area, and into the Rocky Mountains. It was here that he began to grow facial hair, and also here that local bigfoot sightings increased by over 300%.

On a cold September night in the year 2013, Peter stumbled into the volunteer page for The NoSleep Podcast, severely spraining his coccyx. While waiting for medical attention to arrive, a certain showrunner offered Peter the chance to see if he could put his agonized groans to better use as a narrator.

Needless to say, this offer has gone directly to his head.