Unka Odya

Unka Odya


During pregnancy Unka absorbed her twin. She then continued to absorb her mother. She was born in Poland shortly after the Chernobyl Disaster. Scientists claim these events were not connected.

Before graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Unka started working as a 2D artist for a gamedev company, and continues to work for various gamedev companies to this day. After work she usually works some more; designing logos, fonts, posters, drawing comics, illustrating, and painting for whoever is willing to pay.

In her practically nonexistent free time, Unka enjoys horror movies, cooking, sewing, and hard drugs. She is currently living in Hamburg with a small dog called Flaki (which means “tripe”).

She wishes to donate her body to the Medical University of Gdansk with the annotation stating, “I was not able to get here when I was alive, so I will do that now.”