Nosleep Podcast S2E12

07 October, 2012

It’s a dirty dozen for Season 2 of The Nosleep Podcast! The episode features five stories about unseen threats, disturbing tales brought to light from long ago, and sordid cinema.



This episode features these stories:


Something in My Daughter’s Room written by Benjamin Joseph (Redditor jojo5500) and read by Jörn Meyer.


Hungry Little Girl written by J. F. Kuck (Redditor Je_cherche) and read by David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).


The Late Bus written by Mark Winston (Redditor whitewinstonwolf) and read by C.H. Williamson (Redditor pomochu).


Strigoi written by T.W. Grim (Redditor theworldisgrim) and read by Kyle Akers (Redditor the_oswald).


Budget Cinema written by Thomas Thompson (Redditor dr_vonhugenstein) and read by David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone). This story won the Nosleep Writing Contest for July 2012.



Podcast produced by: David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).


Music by: David Cummings


Creative Commons License
This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons License 2013.


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Comments (21)

  • You have no idea how much I needed this. I have had such a horrible day.

  • first story made me cry

  • Well-produced and chilling, as usual. Thank you for including another of my stories!

  • I really enjoyed “Strigoi.” It laid a great backdrop for (hopefully) future zombie stories. “Budget Cinema” was over the top for me as I enjoy more subtle, creepy horror rather than gore. That being said, the NoSleep Podcast is the BEST horror podcast out there. Great production, guys! Thanks for all the work. I find myself checking back frequently for the next installment.

  • I’m re-listening to all the no sleep podcast for October glad I can add this one. The Pen Pal series makes me tear just talking about. Thank you for this show!

  • Excellent episode guys. Thanks David. Strigoi deserves special mention for the quality of writing and narration.

  • As soon as I heard the description of the last story, I knew it would be the one I read quite a while ago! Yet another ‘delicious’ episode of the NoSleep podcast!

  • Can’t download on my blackberry…. This work shift needs to end NOW so I can go home and download it…. AND I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!

  • ‘Budget Cinema’ brought on a thoroughly visceral reaction when I listened to it, whilst at work. Tears actually fell. Mark

  • I love the No Sleep Podcast and am a huge fan, but the last story was kind of crappy. Even with the disclaimer I couldn’t resist listening. Had to cut it off after the first murder, because I knew what was coming. Hopefully we can keep the podcast in its true “your mind comes up with worse things than we can” format for the future. Stuff like that isn’t scary, it’s demented.

  • Damn, I enjoyed all the stories. Well done.

  • Strigoi was one of the best stories that i’ll never forgot. the best narration i have ever heard

  • I’d have to agree on the last one; it is quite out of the usual for the podcast, and not my cup of tea. I understand that it was included as it was the winner of the writing contest, but I would like to say that I’d prefer if similar gore-based stories were passed over in favor of better tension-based stories.

  • This is the episode I liked more of all the current season

  • I love this episode. It was truly amazing! A lot of the stories here were truly terrifying, making me wonder what would happen if I was in those situations. I found you guys a few days ago, and I’m so glad I did. You should find more stories like Budget Cinema, or that are equally as scary even if there’s less gore. The extra disclaimer at the beginning really helped hype me up and get excited for it!

  • Strigoi was a fantastic story! Great narration. The first story’s narrator was great as well, especially the creepy voice over the monitor. I also enjoyed Budget Cinema–yes it was gory but so tension filled. Brilliant as always!

  • Thank you for always providing exciting, scary, descriptive stories that are consistently exceeding my expectations!!!!! I look foward every day to listen to your pod casts!!

  • Been listening since November ’14 and I absolutely love TNSP!!!! I work at the local newspaper and I get off work late (2am), so this is the perfect thing to listen to. I’ve listened to every episode and now I’m going back to old ones.

    Long Live The No Sleep Podcast!!!

  • I listen to these podcast at work, and let me tell you when i’m alone I freak the F out. Keep up the good work

  • Is it just me of have the last few episodes (in order from oldest to newest) been really sexual in nature? In certain stories it makes sense but too often I feel like it’s tossed in as a lazy shock value add.

  • I loooved strigoi and kyle the narrator has an amazing voice, can play with accents clearly in such a way that we get easily fooled. Thanks!

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