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31 October, 2011

The Nosleep Podcast is proud to present the third part of our Halloween Trilogy to celebrate Halloween Week! Warning: This episode contains extremely violent and graphic language. Not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.






connecting to database…




audio file found…correspondence 1


accessing author database…


user breach detected…user: bloodstains


connecting to voice database…


voice actor accessed. user name: Nathan MacDonald:;//


voice actor accessed. user name: Wendy Stolyarov:;//


voice actor accessed. user name: David Cummings:;//





Podcast produced by: David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).


This podcast is licensed under Creative Commons 2011.


Music adapted by: David Cummings


Sound effects courtesy of: FreeSound.org


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Comments (13)

  • That was creepy as hell. Nice work guys!

  • Jesus! Replayed this and its way scarier the second time. Awesome job!!

  • Shit… Shit… Shit… wait… Why are they southern? >.>

  • is there a correspondence part 2?

    Answer: Due to the complexity of the way the “correspondence” series progressed, it was determined that a part 2 was not viable.

  • 39:00 – 39:40 My god, that sent chills down my spine. That moment was perfect, this entire podcast extremely creepy and the rest of the entries on /r/nosleep are downright terrifying as well.

  • Quite old but….why was he quoting that particular line from Horace? As an English woman all I could think of every time he said ‘Dulce et decorum est’ was War poetry we studies at school….is Wilfred Owen widely studied in the US? Or did you just like the sound of the line?

    David responds: I’m not the author, but my guess is the author wanted the demon to speak in Latin and use phrases dealing with death. It may have been intended to be a combination of gibberish and actual Latin.

  • I found the first few minutes good; up to the point when the supernatural aspect begins kicking in. After that… ho-hum. The descriptions of gore seemed to have little point except for cheap gross-out value, and the ‘demon’ was the kind of eye-rollingly hammy you’d expect out of one of the Exorcist sequels.
    Maybe this would be scary to somebody religious, but to me, it was just tedious. Very tedious.

  • Very creepy

  • Not as scary as I would’ve liked, and far too long..
    I loved how you’ve edited the story and this audio. Made the story easier to listen to. As for the story itself.. the narration is interesting, but the swearing, cursing and quips from the ‘demon’ was very cheap. A lot like the type you get from cheap horror films playing at demon possession. Not at all believable or scary. Just. Meh.

    But, NoSleep, you guys did a great job with the editing and finishing of this podcast episode~ <3

  • Let the person doing the ‘British’ accent at around the 40(ish) minute mark that their accent won the Dick Van Dyke British Accent Award 2011.

  • So I just started listening to these podcasts and WOW. Just WOW.

    Thank you, Sir David Cummings for sharing your talents with us through these!

  • Definitely the low-point of all these podcasts so far. Just vulgar to be vulgar and no real…scariness about it.

  • It sounds like Owen Wilson is Ross.

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