Nosleep Podcast S1E10

16 Oct Nosleep Podcast S1E10

Our tenth episode of The Nosleep Podcast brings you tales of sinister connections and disturbing secrets. Featuring horror stories from the horror writing community, these stories will keep you awake during the long dark hours of the night.

This episode features these stories:

Prank Call written by Arann Murray (Redditor murraya) and read by Brett Seay (Redditor RockNRollahAyatollah).

ETAOIN written by Trevor La Pay (Redditor echomanagement) and read by David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).

Boxes written by D. K. Auerbach (Redditor 1000Vultures) and read by Sammy Raynor (Redditor sammysimplicity).

Podcast produced by: David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).

This podcast is licensed under Creative Commons 2011.

Music adapted by: David Cummings

Sound effects courtesy of: