Nosleep Podcast S2E02

20 May Nosleep Podcast S2E02

The second episode of the second season of The Nosleep Podcast features tales of unwanted gifts, fractured families, and little things like the end of the world. Featuring horror stories from the horror writing community, these stories are designed to afflict your night with no sleep.

One of the tales from this episode has been adapted into a full-length novel. Please click here to find out more about the story and support the outstanding writing that Reddit’s authors are producing!

This episode features these stories:

5.5 written by Niko Kurri (Redditor kaamosrutto) and read by Chris Eddleman.

The Curtis’ Dragon written by Ariana Selbrede (Redditor TeamTargaryen) and read by David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).

I Want to Help Him written by Mike Morgan (Redditor MessiSpaghetti) and read by Jessica Prokuski.

Nine Brief Scenes from the End of the World written by T.W. Grim (Redditor theworldisgrim) and read by David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).

Podcast produced by: David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).

Music by: David Cummings

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