Deck The Halls With Parts of Charlie

02 Dec Deck The Halls With Parts of Charlie


Season’s bleatings, Sleepless! December has begun. I hope all of you have opened the first two doors on your advent calendar, and received horrific and unsettling treats. On December 1st, my calendar had an eyeball in it, then on December 2nd, a pinky finger. Really excited for the next 22 days!

So, you may have noticed a lack of activity on the blog lately. This is a good thing! It means that we at The NoSleep Podcast have been working extremely hard to prepare some fantastic content to see the year out. We’ve got some exciting Christmas horror coming up soon, and before that we have Season 10 episodes 4 (this weekend), 5 and 6. We’ve got some excellent stories to share with you, including tales from Marcus Damanda, Henry Galley, Harrison Prince and Felix Blackwell. Felix’s story ties into his celebrated Stolen Tongues series, so if you’re a Season 7 pass holder and feel like refreshing yourself on that tale, they can be heard starting from Season 7 Episode 18.

Meanwhile, Gabby and I have been working hard on editing and casting some Festive Fear for you, which will be dropping just before Christmas. Perfect to listen to while you wait up, terrified, watching for Satan to come down the chimney bearing gifts. I think that’s how it’s supposed to go, anyway.

Anyway, speaking of horror Christmas audio, I remembered this today, and decided since it’s the beginning of December, now’s the perfect time to listen to it. And so I’m sharing it with all of you too. It’s quite remarkable, and I hope to one day persuade David to let us do a NoSleep Podcast Christmas album along these lines.


– Olivia


You can find the full album playlist here.