Krista and a Twist… ah!

18 Oct Krista and a Twist… ah!


Greetings, Sleepless. Story editor Gabrielle Loux here. Following last week’s interview, Olivia decided to take an impromptu holiday, starting immediately. Unfortunately she left no forwarding address, and no information as to when she’d be back. I sure hope nothing… sinister has befallen her. Hahaha. Hahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway. As well as Olivia’s untimely death sudden vacation, there have been some exciting changes around The NoSleep Podcast headquarters. Namely, we’re delighted to welcome aboard Krista Neubert as our new Community Manager!

Many of you may already know Krista as one of the admins of The NoSleep Podcast fanpage on Facebook. As a core part of that team, she’s helped to build a community of nearly six thousand dedicated fans who regale us with their tales of listening to the podcast, experiencing untold horrors, and seeing pigs and bananas which they then post photos of.

Along with admin Brooks J. Bigley and moderator/fluffy NoSleep Podcast mascot Jimmy Ferrer, Krista’s become a hugely valuable member of the community, and that’s why she’s now also working for the show as community manager! There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon. Fan events, competitions, secret encoded projects Olivia was working on that I’m currently trying to crack the ciphers on, all sorts.

There’s a competition coming up, in fact. It’ll take place on the Facebook fan page, beginning on October 22nd and running for six days. Each day, trivia questions about the show and its stories will be posted, so start picking your brains out your skulls and swotting up on your NoSleep Podcast knowledge. Full details of the competition will be revealed in the next episode of the show, so be sure to become a member of the fanpage if you’re not already.

Here’s a little bit of info about Krista in the form of a list, because everyone loves lists.

Krista, in her words:

  1. Born and raised just outside of Chicago.
  2. First movie I ever “saw” in a theater was Ghostbusters. I slept right through it. (I was just a few months old.)
  3. I have a BSA in Visual Communications and Graphic Design.
  4. I was a Layout Editor at The Chicago Sun-Times Media group for four years.
  5. I live in a small town just south of Berlin, Germany with my husband and furbaby.
  6. I have been listening to the podcast since it started back in 2011.

So there you go. That’s literally every single detail about Krista that you could ever possibly know.

Krista, examining a banana

Krista, examining a banana

What else? What else! Writing blogs is hard. Much harder than story editing. I almost regret murdering Olivia letting Olivia go on holiday. What can we talk about? Oh yeah, I have a really funny story about Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language that you’ll just die lau-

Hello Gabrielle.

Uh, new phone who dis?

It’s Olivia, Gabrielle. I’m back.

What? I… I killed you…

You cannot kill what does not live! Mwahahahaha!

Where… are you?

I’m inside the blog, now! A ghost in the machine! A spirit in the system! A spectress in the CMS! A phantom in the-

Yeah, yeah, I get the point. So, like, elephant in the room, yeah, I did murder you after our interview and I’m sure that’s a sore point, but…

Oh it’s fine. It’s all forgotten. Besides, people don’t want to read reams of exposition and plot development in a blog. Let’s just move on.

Phew. Okay, yeah, okay. So we’re cool, right? We’re totally cool?

Oh, absolutely. But just one last thing. Look behind you.

Hello, Sleepless! Olivia here. There’s not much else to say in today’s blog, and I need to clean the blood off the computer screen before David catches me in his office, but I echo what Gabrielle said and welcome Krista aboard! Join the Facebook group! Keep an eye out for the competition! Go win stuff! Yeah!

Google how to dissolve a body

Sorry, wrong window.

– Olivia