NoSleep Podcast S8 – Holiday Hiatus #2

08 Jan NoSleep Podcast S8 – Holiday Hiatus #2

The show is taking a new year’s break this week but we’re featuring a dark tale from Season Pass 7.

Trigger Warnings

Some of our listeners may find the content of certain stories disturbing because of trauma or bad experiences in their lives. This section allows you to get some information about stories that have content which may "trigger" emotionally disturbing memories.

In order to be as respectful as possible to the authors, these trigger warnings are not intended to be spoilers for the story. However, bear in mind that by viewing these trigger warnings you may see information that reveals aspects of the plot that may in fact "spoil" the impact of the story.

Feed the Pig
Mentions of suicide
Dark and graphic imagery of death
Buy Season Pass 8 ($19.99)

Feed the Pig written by Elias Witherow and performed by Jesse Cornett & Peter Lewis & Erika Sanderson.


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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptation produced by: Phil Michalski

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  • Reuben
    Posted at 19:45h, 08 January Reply

    Jesse Cornett absolutely left no cubic centimeter of scenery unchewed.

    • Ben Larsen
      Posted at 21:18h, 13 January Reply

      My thoughts exactly. 😛

    • Bee Gee
      Posted at 06:24h, 19 April Reply

      Seriously. This story and the narration are perfection.

  • Ben
    Posted at 02:33h, 09 January Reply

    One of my all time favorite stories from this podcast. Thanks for letting me experience it all over again! Great choice!

  • Adam G
    Posted at 06:12h, 09 January Reply

    This was amazing! I wanna here more stuff like this in the future…

  • Marcus Bass
    Posted at 11:52h, 09 January Reply

    Hay David, I’m a long time listener and i think this is the best scary story teller that I’ve came across. No one seems to be as good as you guys, anyway hope you have a very good year and to another scary year. Ps i just want to ask if you could make a scary story about someone getting followed intensely. It would mean a lot as the storys were some sone being fallowed always get me.well have a good year.

  • Hope
    Posted at 16:06h, 10 January Reply

    And I used to think “The Suicide Engine” was dark…..dang

    • Reuben
      Posted at 18:25h, 10 January Reply

      This had a slightly more optimistic ending than The Suicide Engine, though. But you’re right. First time I heard this, my limbs felt like JELLO, and I legitimately lost sleep over it.

    • Ben Larsen
      Posted at 21:20h, 13 January Reply

      Which episode is “Suicide Engine” in? I’ve only listened to season 8 and part of 7 so far! This story was the best I’ve heard yet!

      • Reuben
        Posted at 03:46h, 16 January Reply

        ‘The Suicide Engine’ was in 7×11.

  • Randy Cross
    Posted at 17:24h, 16 January Reply

    Please stop with Neecole Doolan. Im sure she is a nice woman but she plays the same character in every episode she appears in. Same speech, same insufferable inflection. Scared young girl, executive, dancer, sister it doesnt matter. Same exact style, just different words.

    • Reuben
      Posted at 04:04h, 17 January Reply

      Nikolle Doolin wasn’t in this one. And while you are entitled to your opinion of Ms Doolin, I seriously doubt the showrunners are going to give her her walking papers because a guy on the internet doesn’t like the way she performs.

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 18:56h, 18 January Reply

      She’s a goddess sir you shut your mouth!

      Have a wonderful day.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:50h, 24 January Reply

    I don’t know about you guys, but I was getting serious Invader Zim vibes from this.

    • ThatPeterGuy
      Posted at 15:41h, 24 January Reply

      “Feed Bloaty’s Pizza Hog!”

      • Anonymous
        Posted at 08:11h, 25 January Reply

        OMG The way the protagonist was narrated also felt kind of Dib-ish haha

  • mistressveila
    Posted at 09:46h, 01 February Reply

    Wow! Been listenng for years on stitcher..Always superb productions, everyone..i want to hear more from this author , and his vivid dark writing ! This tale was incredible! ln all the years ive been listenng ,this story and its acting and telling is one of the best yet,,!!

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