NoSleep Podcast Extra Sleepless Vol. 1

23 Aug NoSleep Podcast Extra Sleepless Vol. 1

During the break between seasons 5 and 6 we’ll be featuring two episodes featuring stories from the Season Pass 4 feed. Enjoy these stories and let them keep you sleepless until the start of Season 6.



The Stump written by Ashley Franz Holzmann and read by David Cummings & Jonathan Jones & Jessica McEvoy. Co-produced by Jonathan Jones. (Story starts at 00:01:45)


The Wilson Ranch Incident written by Victor King and read by Jessica McEvoy & Rima Chaddha Mycynek & Mike DelGaudio & Alexis Bristowe & Alex Beal & Kyle Akers & Tisha Boone & Brian Mansi & David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:36:00)



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Podcast produced by: David Cummings


Music & Sound Design by: Brandon Boone & David Cummings.


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