NoSleep Podcast S4E19

07 Dec NoSleep Podcast S4E19

It’s episode 19 of Season 4! We have five tales for you this week, featuring stories about disturbed doctors, malicious memories, and frightening forests.

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The full episode features the following stories. The free version features only the first two tales.

Experiences of a Hypnotist written by Paul Robinson and read by David Cummings & Jessica McEvoy. (Story starts at 00:07:05)

The Church Basement written by Michael Marks and read by David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:25:45)

Long-Term Care written by Cliff Barlow and read by David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:49:15)

Edith’s Memory written by C.C. Arbs and read by David Cummings & Jessica McEvoy & Wendy Corrigan. (Story starts at 01:12:45)

Rocking Horse Creek written by C.K.Walker and read by Rock Manor. (Story starts at 01:50:20)


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Podcast produced by: David Cummings

Music & Sound Design by: David Cummings & Brandon Boone

“The Church Basement” illustration courtesy of Lukasz Godlewski

The NoSleep Podcast uses the PSE Hybrid Library exclusively for its sound design.

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This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons License 2014.

  • Brittany
    Posted at 19:06h, 07 December Reply

    David, this is the best podcast I have ever listened to and it is my favorite. You do a heck of a job with the show. Addressing the warning, the podcast is like a horror movie without images. All horror movies have disturbing content. If people can’t figure it out for themselves, that’s their problem. Keep up the good work!

    • Venser
      Posted at 22:25h, 09 December Reply

      Check out , allso great horror podcast.

    • Rey
      Posted at 15:00h, 08 January Reply

      Hi David.

      I use to listen to all your no sleep podcasts. I really love the stories. I´m from Denmark and I compose different electronic music. Specially ambient music. If you are interested I will send you some highlines of some of my scary dark ambient tracks that probably could fit perfectly as backgrund sound track for some of your spooky stories.

      Salutes from denmark/Europe.


  • victor
    Posted at 02:01h, 08 December Reply

    Best horror podcast out there! But can’t keep everyone happy oh well keep up the great work!

  • anony mouse
    Posted at 02:46h, 08 December Reply

    Great as always! Congrats to Brandon, and as for the blokes complaining…well, that’s like complaining about violence in a R movie or sexual content in a AO movie. Anyone who can’t figure out that a horror podcast with explicit/ trigger warning has…well, explicit content and trigger ‘images’, then they’re just morons.

    • Brandon
      Posted at 22:50h, 08 December Reply

      Thank you annoy mouse 😀

  • Trevor
    Posted at 03:33h, 08 December Reply

    I hate these trigger people. This is art, it should not be changed or altered because it offends someone,all artists have the right to express themselves. These internet police, social warriors take the fun out of everything. I come here to be entertained,I love this podcast, I have been listening since season 1. David and the others work so hard to produce it and these people try to control it.

  • nate
    Posted at 05:17h, 08 December Reply

    Seriously its a Horror podcast, their are going to be triggers it is a given. It is just silly to think otherwise, I am sympathetic with victims but it is a Horror podcast. Perhaps they should listen to other things if it gives them a bad feeling. Then again I am sure they want to enjoy the podcast like the rest of us. I think the trigger warnings are a good middle ground.

  • nick Robinson
    Posted at 05:43h, 08 December Reply

    David just don’t listen to those people. YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB!!!. And I think your doing a great fucking job to me a all of you true listeners. And I thank you for all your hard work with the show. Since I’ve listened since day one I have not had a single problem. Thank you david and everyone that’s worked with the podcast. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • Ace
    Posted at 06:06h, 08 December Reply

    Keep up the great work! Don’t censor art.

    • Brenda
      Posted at 15:13h, 11 August Reply

      Rather than a weekly upadte, why not use the Praxis graphs; instead of having the x-axis as 24 hours, have it for the winter season, say Oct 1 to May 1 (we don’t usually have snow outside of those months). You could plot last year’s data as yesterday’s’ data, as well as add a third line for the 30 year average (might just be steps of monthly long term averages?). Then we could see this winter grow above (or below) the line and know exactly where we stand every 15 minutes! Oh the excitement.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 06:54h, 08 December Reply

    Don’t censor this podcast. There are plenty of warnings already, its their fault if the choose to ignore it. it Could very well be the end of this podcast if you started censoring the podcast or overdoing the warnings. Keep up the amazing work dave and all the people who help bring this podcast together.

  • Bree
    Posted at 13:57h, 08 December Reply

    Good on you, David, for handling this so gracefully. I agree that trigger warnings are helpful, but people demanding that EVERYTHING disturbing should be flagged is getting way out of hand. Like you said, it’s a horror podcast. It is supposed to be scary and disturbing, and if folks can’t handle that, it is their prerogative to decide what they do and do not want to hear.

    I have triggers that I try to avoid, and the warnings help me immensely. Even before they were up, I would usually take the step of reading the text versions you so conveniently link in the show notes of each episode, and would skip anything that I felt I didn’t want to hear. Because I feel that it’s my responsibility to filter what content I consume, and not the responsibility of the podcast to hold my hand every time something might be a little scary.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Maggie
    Posted at 14:03h, 08 December Reply

    Wonderful episode. Great work, David! We appreciate the hard work gone into these each week.

  • A.
    Posted at 20:28h, 08 December Reply

    “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.” – Ray Bradbury

    Sorry for the trial you’re being put through David. We all applaud how you’re handling it and are very grateful for what you and your team provide each week.

  • Tressa
    Posted at 01:19h, 09 December Reply

    Love the podcast!
    Some people are so hurt by the real horrors of life that they feel they have to recruit others as would be barriers to possible reminders of their hurt. Your warning is the perfect balance of responsibility for your podcast, sympathy for those who’ve experienced real horror, and polite refusal of responsibility for real horrors.

  • Minato
    Posted at 05:16h, 09 December Reply

    I’m sorry for what you’re being put through, David. I have to say, speaking as a Mormon and growing up in a rather sheltered household, it’s a huge disappointment to hear that there are still people out there who are convinced that “if they’re offended, the world should bend to their whim” or…something like that.

    Okay, actually, I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed in that, or even surprised, but still… Trigger warnings are enough; hell, the warning on the home page is enough! Even if some of the stories contain horrors that hit too close to home for some users, the warnings I’ve listed above should tip them off to the content of some of these stories.

    I agree with everyone here – this is art and should not be altered. You’re doing an excellent job and I am definitely planning on getting the fifth season season pass when it’s available!
    Also, to the user who quoted Ray Bradbury – if I could give you gold, I definitely would. He happens to be my idol and all-time favorite writer :)

  • Emily
    Posted at 14:13h, 09 December Reply

    Dude, David, the podcast is amazing and always has been. People are petty and stupid, gotta ignore them. More people are happy than not! Keep up the good work!

  • Lalla
    Posted at 10:18h, 11 December Reply

    The first thing you see when you enter the site is: “This horror podcast is intended to frighten and disturb you. The stories herein may contain explicit language and graphic themes that are not suitable for people under the age of 16.”
    Like… the hell did you think you were listening to? Silly people.

  • Nate
    Posted at 11:28h, 12 December Reply

    Who is complaining?? am I missing something?

  • Sue
    Posted at 14:55h, 12 December Reply

    love your show! I listen to it at work! Same old liberal bullshit, if you don’t like the show change the station and don’t listen. You know you have idiots out there that their whole purpose in life it to find something inappropriate. Don’t listen to it. Same thing happened during the witch trials
    Keep up the great work!

  • Julie
    Posted at 19:09h, 12 December Reply


    I’ve noticed that in this episode it is mostly you narrating the the recent episodes of NoSleep. Are the other male narrators not available? I’m not inferring that I dislike your narrative at all, I rather enjoy it. It’s just… some times you need more voices for different stories.

    When you go from reading one story to another, I still picture the same person from the previous story in the next one. It makes it hard to be immersed in a different story when the same voice is narrating. I hope you can understand.

  • Matt
    Posted at 13:02h, 13 December Reply

    David – thank you for not buckling to those people who wish to censor everything these days. They’re infecting all forms of media – most recently video games – and trying to force content producers to censor their work instead of taking it upon themselves to avoid themes to which they may be sensitive. I am fully against this form of censorship, and while I also think trigger warnings are ridiculous, I understand the need to include them I’m a format such as this.

    In the end, I hope this doesn’t affect you or the podcast, in some small, subconscious way. It shouldn’t be up to the rest of us to put on the kid gloves and safety-proof the world for those few ultra-sensitive, dare-I-say “special snowflakes”, who are able to find something to be offended by at every turn.

  • Revy
    Posted at 01:08h, 15 December Reply

    I think this podcast is great. And you’ve done your part in making sure the word gets out there about the trigger warnings. If people are either too lazy or don’t do their own research on the subject matter, that’s their problem. The warnings aren’t hard to find nor are they ambiguous. They’re clear and to the point. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Rob
    Posted at 15:57h, 15 December Reply

    Awsome Podcast … love it … have not heard one that offends me enough to switch off … hate to say it but be like that hot Swift girl and ‘shake it off’ Don’t let Yahoo’s mess up your awsome podcast …

  • C.
    Posted at 00:16h, 16 December Reply

    Did someone get horrified by of all things, a horror podcast? Oh, the horror! How horrible that the description of the genre isn’t clearly spelled out as a horror podcast, wait…um…it is. If you don’t like something, don’t partake of it, duh.

  • JB
    Posted at 15:31h, 17 December Reply

    Great podcast. Sorry to hear that there are whiny, ignorant people who don’t know what the word horror means harassing you about your content. Keep up the good work!

  • Gemma
    Posted at 08:29h, 23 December Reply

    This podcast gets me through my work week. I absolutely love it! I’ll hopefully be able to start subscribing to the seasons after the holidays.
    Honestly, its silly that people will come to a horror podcast and expect trigger warnings. Ack!

  • joe
    Posted at 06:09h, 03 January Reply

    nobody else thinks this is a little derivative of the fourth kind?

  • Larry belk
    Posted at 23:38h, 18 January Reply

    My name is Larry Belk and sir I know horror . To make a long story more understandable, I was discharged from the marine corp because of a paranormal event that took place. To this day the suffering keeps continued ing. People don’t understand events that cannot be explained, if possible I would like to have an email sent from you ,to were as you could get someone to narrate my story. It involves the use of treatment that was supposed to help me but it rendered me super natural means to the dark side . Please.sir help get my voice heard. Thanks your favorite podcaster.

  • Agent Talon
    Posted at 21:13h, 13 May Reply

    I’m a big fan of the show and I’m working my way backwards. I’m amazed that people who come to a podcast looking for horror are surprised when they get it and want a warning.

    To be honest I don’t think trigger warnings should need to exist. Seems like people just need to use common sense when it comes to what they listen to or seek out on the internet.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let people change the show!

  • Reuben
    Posted at 19:09h, 02 August Reply

    I’m a rather sensitive listener, but I knew what I was getting into when I decided to start listening to the show earlier this year. While I have gotten considerably tougher since episode 1, I still do not have what I call ‘feels of steel,’ and there is still subject matter which is particularly upsetting to me that is sometimes featured on the show. I simply skip over those stories. Occasionally there will be a story that I didn’t like because of the subject matter, but like I said, I knew what I was getting into. I, and I alone, am responsible for what I am exposed to, unless I’m being held prisoner, which I’m not.

    I love the hell out of this podcast, by the way. In a few short months’ time, I’ve become a certifiable horror fan. I can’t get enough, and I will be sad indeed when I finally catch up.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 18:04h, 13 April Reply

    I love this podcast!! You have plenty of warnings everywhere. People need to get real problems!!

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