NoSleep Podcast S4E22

04 Jan NoSleep Podcast S4E22

It’s episode 22 of Season 4. We have six tales for you this week, featuring tales about elusive entities, persecuted police, and freaky families.

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Trigger Warnings

Some of our listeners may find the content of certain stories disturbing because of trauma or bad experiences in their lives. This section allows you to get some information about stories that have content which may "trigger" emotionally disturbing memories.

In order to be as respectful as possible to the authors, these trigger warnings are not intended to be spoilers for the story. However, bear in mind that by viewing these trigger warnings you may see information that reveals aspects of the plot that may in fact "spoil" the impact of the story.

Her Seventh
Child death

My Mother’s Roses
Child abuse

The full episode features the following stories. The free version features only the first three tales.

Eater written by Myra Beth Doughty and read by Rebecca Peason. (Story starts at 00:05:00)

Relationships are Hard written by K.J. Rath and read by Alexis Bristowe & David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:20:55)

Her Seventh written by M. Thomas and read by David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:37:55)

Abandoned Bases written by M. Thomas and read by David Ault. (Story starts at 00:52:50)

I’m Not One of Those Kinds of Cops written by H. K. Reyes and read by David Cummings. (Story starts at 01:05:25)

My Mother’s Roses written by Michael Marks and read by Mike DelGaudio & Jessica McEvoy & Alexis Bristowe. (Story starts at 01:39:20)


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“Eater” illustration courtesy of Lukasz Godlewski

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  • Selena
    Posted at 21:36h, 04 January Reply

    Everything about Eater is awesome…story, narration, and art work. Thanks for posting this one. I wish it was a tv show or its own podcast. This whole podcast was outstanding

  • nate
    Posted at 06:42h, 05 January Reply

    Liked them all but I am not one of those cops.. In all honesty the “Detective” voice doesn’t really work. Still really good show, 5 for 6 is really good!

  • twogunbob
    Posted at 01:27h, 10 January Reply

    Any of these have a New Year’s theme?

  • Andrea
    Posted at 05:27h, 30 January Reply

    Jessica McEvoy is my absolute favorite! I’d love to learn more about her other work!

  • Kristen
    Posted at 19:52h, 12 November Reply

    I love it when David does his New York accent for these stories.

  • Reuben
    Posted at 03:14h, 07 August Reply

    ‘I’m Not One of Those Cops’ is one of the most depressing stories that has ever been featured on this podcast. I’m not complaining, but… *damn*….

  • Melina
    Posted at 20:48h, 17 November Reply

    I’ve heard two other readers read “Her Seventh.” Neither of them made me feel as emotional as this reading did.

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