NoSleep Podcast S9E10

09 Jul NoSleep Podcast S9E10

It’s episode 10 of Season 9. On this week’s show we have six tales about intense infernos, fearsome frauds, and youthful yearning.

Trigger Warnings

Some of our listeners may find the content of certain stories disturbing because of trauma or bad experiences in their lives. This section allows you to get some information about stories that have content which may "trigger" emotionally disturbing memories.

In order to be as respectful as possible to the authors, these trigger warnings are not intended to be spoilers for the story. However, bear in mind that by viewing these trigger warnings you may see information that reveals aspects of the plot that may in fact "spoil" the impact of the story.

An Unusual Collection
Mentions of abuse and torture
Mentions of suicide

Trying to Remember a Pop Song
Mentions of suicides

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Burn“‡ written by C.M. Scandreth and performed by David Ault & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 00:03:16)

An Unusual CollectionҠ written by S.H. Cooper and performed by Jessica McEvoy & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 00:22:45)

There’s Nothing in Forest Glen National Park“† written by J.J. Cheesman & Marcus Damanda and performed by Jeff Clement & Peter Lewis & Nichole Goodnight & Eden. (Story starts around 00:46:50)

Thank You for CallingҠ written by D. Fredricks and performed by Nikolle Doolin & Addison Peacock & Jesse Cornett & Eden & Jeff Clement. (Story starts around 01:15:30)

Little White Lies in a Little Black DressҠ written by Manen Lyset and performed by Erin Lillis & Eden & Dan Zappulla & Elie Hirschman. (Story starts around 01:32:30)

Trying to Remember a Pop SongҠ written by Thaddeus James and performed by Atticus Jackson & Kyle Akers & Matthew Bradford. (Story starts around 01:56:30)


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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement

“Burn” illustration courtesy of Jörn Heidrath

Audio program ©2017 – Creative Reason Media Inc. – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 00:14h, 10 July Reply

    the first story is bs

    • C.M.Scandreth
      Posted at 03:37h, 10 July Reply

      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy my story. What didn’t you like about it, in particular?

      • Alex
        Posted at 04:21h, 11 July Reply

        Ignore him…your story was awesome!

      • Ian
        Posted at 21:51h, 11 July Reply

        Dude the first story was the best one! It had me shook. Keep up the good work!

      • Anonymous
        Posted at 09:55h, 17 July Reply

        Not OP but like… Severely disabled people are already treated as parasites leeching off their caretakers. Just look at the public reaction when one is murdered by said caretaker (justifying, expressing horror at the idea of having to take care someone who can’t, etc) and things like “victims of autism”. A horror story about how a disabled person is LITERALLY leeching off his caretakers feels like an ugly echo of a thought a lot of people already hold. Granted this is my personal interpretation+why i personally think it was very hard to listen to, and am not saying it was your intention (tbh it PROBABLY wasn’t, a *lot* of this stuff is accidental because it’s so ingrained in our culture)
        It left a bitter taste in my mouth, and i think it might be what OP was referring to.
        It was well written tho.

      • Anonymous
        Posted at 09:56h, 17 July Reply


    • Reuben
      Posted at 21:51h, 10 July Reply

      Your opinion is factually incorrect.

    • Alex Grey
      Posted at 00:09h, 11 July Reply

      The first story was utterly fantastic.

  • Anon47
    Posted at 03:24h, 10 July Reply

    In Burn, the guy fell in love with Brienne of fucking Tarth

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 20:53h, 10 July Reply

      I’m going to venture a guess your Game of Thrones reference was lifted from the tv series as the critical lack of thought in your empty critique lacks any pensive insight most readers possess.

    • Alex Grey
      Posted at 00:22h, 11 July Reply

      What’s wrong with that exactly?

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 04:29h, 10 July Reply

    I thought the first story was done really well. Compelling tale.

  • C
    Posted at 15:05h, 10 July Reply

    Well hell, -I’m- a little in love with Sorcha after Burn. Really great story!

  • Dave
    Posted at 15:25h, 10 July Reply

    An unusual collection = the best story of this season!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:47h, 10 July Reply

    Burn was FANTASTIC!

  • Dustin Diggory
    Posted at 15:48h, 10 July Reply

    Burn was such a wonderfully compelling story!

  • Jess
    Posted at 15:57h, 10 July Reply

    Burn was excellent-the writing and performance were very well done!

  • Chris
    Posted at 19:23h, 10 July Reply

    Yay. More Manen Lyset…/s

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 17:25h, 14 July Reply

      I agree, I really don’t know why they keep bringing that writer back.

  • Adam
    Posted at 19:55h, 10 July Reply

    The production and voice acting in Little White Lies in a Little Black Dress were outstanding. The writing though, was atrocious. Second worst story this season.

  • Eiman Kian
    Posted at 20:53h, 10 July Reply

    Thank you for calling made my heart beat so fast! it was perfect especially since I wasn’t expecting it ti have a happy ending

  • Jesus G.
    Posted at 23:37h, 10 July Reply

    The girl in “an unusual collection” makes me want to commit sudoku because of the way she pronounces her T’s lol

    • Alex Grey
      Posted at 00:31h, 11 July Reply

      I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume you meant ‘seppuku.’

      • Jesus G.
        Posted at 17:27h, 11 July Reply

        a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.
        “she was in a mood to tell jokes”

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 04:29h, 13 July Reply

      She is a goid reader but voice not suited for this genre.

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 19:39h, 14 July Reply

      Yes, her overenunciation has always driven me insane

  • Olivia
    Posted at 11:47h, 11 July Reply

    This was a spectacular episode. Really shows off the varied scope of horror that the podcast tackles. Thank You For Calling and Pop Song were both particularly great examples of how the audio form can be used to create unique horror experiences, and the rest of the stories were super great with a lot of audience and tone variety. Great work, NSP team.

  • Anon
    Posted at 13:04h, 11 July Reply

    Every week i am soooo close to buying the season pass. i keep thinking “This was good, but let me give it another week, By then i’ll definitely upgrade.” The endless cycle.

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 17:26h, 14 July Reply

      Get a season pass 8. This season hasn’t been very good.

  • BunnyBear
    Posted at 16:54h, 11 July Reply

    Burn was great, excellent story as per usual.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 04:12h, 13 July Reply

    Wow. Superb narration in ‘Burn’. My favorite story out of many favorites! The flow of the story is perfect.

    Forest Glen also gets a big check mark…creepy…real creepy scenes.

    The narrator of ‘Unusual Collection’ is better suited for Nancy Drew…stories for teen girls.

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 16:27h, 24 July Reply

      I used to really enjoy her work but the rest of the cast has just gotten so good she’s been left behind. She was great before but can’t keep up with the rest of the crew now.

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