Happy October, We Have A Blog, David!

01 Oct Happy October, We Have A Blog, David!


Hello, sleepless ones, and happy October.

That’s right, the month of Halloween is upon us, and that can only mean one thing. Horror! So, business as usual at The NoSleep Podcast HQ then… or is it? Answer: No, no it isn’t.

Firstly, you may notice that you’re reading this message on the NoSleep Podcast blog. Y’know, that blog which hasn’t been updated since Season 5, when David made a post detailing the fact he was taking a week off. It’s the only post on the blog until now in fact, and yes, that does mean David’s never taken a week off since then. He hasn’t even taken an hour off since then in fact. He’s a shambling, hollowed-out husk of a man, working his fingers (literally) to the bone to bring you the premium in horror content.

So, yes, exciting news, the blog’s going to be getting some use again, and what better time to kick that off than in the run-up to Halloween.

“But what can we expect from the blog?” I hear you asking. I’d really like you to keep your voices down, actually. Especially you in the back with the demonic drawl. But, good question. What you can expect is all sorts! Insights into the behind the scenes going on at the show. Updates on what your favorite NoSleep Podcast authors and voice actors are up to. Various horror recommendations from outside of the world of the NoSleep Podcast. And just general fun, chilling horror chat, because we all love horror, right?

Oh, you don’t love horror, guy in the front row? You walked into the wrong building and now the others won’t let you leave? What’s that you say, the chains are starting to chafe? Please direct all complaints to Peter Lewis. I’m sure he’ll be happy to move you to more comfortable accommodation.

Another exciting thing going on with the show right now is our new open call for submissions, including brand new submissions guidelines. If you’re a budding horror author or a seasoned pro, we’d love to hear from you! Head on over to our brand new submissions page and catapult your most terrifying tale into our inbox. Myself and story editor Gabrielle Loux are dying to be scared by you master wordsmiths. We’ve already had dozens of fantastic submissions, and we hope that as Halloween approaches, the thrills and chills are only going to get more intense.

Speaking of stories, the latest episode is now available. On this week’s show we have five tales about vicious vacations and seniors sharing spine-tingling stories. That’s right, it’s Season 9 Episode 21. So go, get a quintet of quiver-inducing quality straight into your earholes as our talented authors and voice actors take you on a voyage of viscera.

Artist: Mark Valenzuela Pelham

Artist: Mark Valenzuela Pelham

Of course, if you’re the type who enjoys being scared in person, and you’ve got nothing to do on 10/29, you could always attend our Halloween Live Show in Toronto. Details can be found here. David says the show is going to be ‘spooktacular’ so you know it’s going to be an extra special time if he’s cracking out one of his most Crypt Keeper-tastic puns. You’ll be able to hear stories performed live by some of our favorite authors, featuring an all-star cast of beloved voice actors. You can be rest assured that I’d be there in a missed heartbeat if it wasn’t for the restraining order David has against me.

If you want to stock up on some of the old community spirit during the month of October, then head on over to The NoSleep Podcast Facebook fanpage and become a member. Trust me, the fans over there don’t bite… often. And speaking of the fanpage, our very own Peter Lewis did a live Q&A there yesterday, which you’re able to watch back if you missed it. There’s also a book club which goes on there, run by the sinister and mysterious Jessica McEvoy, and we’ve just selected House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski as this month’s book. I caught up with group admin Krista in the graveyard and she put her shovel down long enough to give me this message: “The group is silently waiting for you in the dark. Come join us so we can mess with your head.”

So, now I’ve spent the entirety of our debut nuBlog entry getting y’all hyped up for the month of October, it’s time for me to bid you all a less-than-fond farewell, and resume my watch from up the tree outside The NoSleep Podcast HQ, keeping an eye on what our beloved cast and crew are up to as the month plays out. Right now I can see Erika in the kitchen carving up some meat for dinner. Not sure why she’s using an axe to do it, or why the meat keeps trying to run away from her, but I’ve never been one to judge people’s culinary choices. Even if the meat does look suspiciously like David Ault.

But hey, before I go! Here’s today’s horror recommendation to kick off 31 days of terror. Easing us in today is a horror detective video game, filled with murder, mayhem and Monokubs… that’s right, it’s Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony! It’s available on PC, PS4, Vita and PS3, and while it’s the fourth game in the series, you can comfortably jump in here and get started. Although I’d recommend the others as well, because they’re excellent. I’m currently playing through it myself whenever I get a free moment to slip in through the office window and use David’s PC. Usually while he’s off chasing Atticus around the basement.

If anyone has any suggestions for cool new horror things for me to check out and maybe talk about on here, be it books, movies, TV shows or video games, then shoot me an email at olivia@thenosleeppodcast.com and let me know.

But for now I wish you well. Halloween is coming, and we’ll be ready. Will you?

Brace yourself.

🦉 Olivia