NoSleep Podcast S8E14

29 Jan NoSleep Podcast S8E14

It’s episode 14 of Season 8. On this week’s show we have six tales about aviation, mutilation, and fornication.

Trigger Warnings

Some of our listeners may find the content of certain stories disturbing because of trauma or bad experiences in their lives. This section allows you to get some information about stories that have content which may "trigger" emotionally disturbing memories.

In order to be as respectful as possible to the authors, these trigger warnings are not intended to be spoilers for the story. However, bear in mind that by viewing these trigger warnings you may see information that reveals aspects of the plot that may in fact "spoil" the impact of the story.

In My Line of Work
Sexual content

Auntie Bells
Child death

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The Whispered Fears of Wayward BoysҠ written by C.K. Walker and performed by Addison Peacock & Matthew Bradford & Nikolle Doolin & Dan Zappulla & Eden. (Story starts around 00:02:40)

“Sergeant Darwin”‡ written by Jacob Healey and performed by Kyle Akers & David Cummings. (Story starts around 00:14:30)

Flight 43Ҡ written by K. Dempsey and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Jeff Clement & Nikolle Doolin & Atticus Jackson & Jesse Cornett. (Story starts around 00:38:00)

In My Line of WorkҠ written by Henry Galley and performed by Nichole Goodnight & Alexis Bristowe & Elie Hirschman. (Story starts around 01:00:25)

Auntie Bells“‡ written by S.H. Cooper and performed by Dan Zappulla & Erika Sanderson & Addison Peacock & Nikolle Doolin. (Story starts around 01:20:20)

“Midnight Storms”† written by Spencer Sabinske and performed by Peter Lewis & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 01:37:00)


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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement

“Flight 43” illustration courtesy of Jörn Heidrath

Audio program ©2017 – Creative Reason Media Inc. – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

  • Erin
    Posted at 19:31h, 29 January Reply

    I am in hospital awaiting emergency surgery and I’m so glad that I have got a new episode of my favourite podcast to keep me occupied. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!

    • N
      Posted at 23:06h, 11 February Reply

      Wish you a speedy recovery!

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 03:00h, 05 March Reply

      I hope you didn’t die!

  • Kate
    Posted at 21:57h, 29 January Reply

    Awesome illustration! They’re always good, but this one is so nicely rendered

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 01:41h, 30 January Reply

      yea it’s cool. It gives just a hint of the story. Really great story, by the way. One of my recent favorites so far.

  • Dr. Roboculous
    Posted at 01:50h, 30 January Reply

    Erika Sanderson is such a talented narrator. That girl can do everything. I didn’t even realize how many different voices she did until I actually went and looked at the credits of stories for this and episodes past. I’ll bet she has a long career ahead of her if she wants it.

    • Erika Sanderson
      Posted at 20:34h, 15 March Reply

      Thank you very much! 😊
      I love the opportunity NoSleep gives me to create all of these characters.

  • Dr. Roboculous
    Posted at 02:09h, 30 January Reply

    And I loved the score on In My Line Of Work.
    And I just noticed that there is a Search function added to the site. That’s perfect. I’ve been wanting one of those on here for a while now. Kudos, kudos to you, good sirs!

  • Anony
    Posted at 08:29h, 30 January Reply

    I love this podcast and the high production value of it! Love the sound effects and everything about it! Thank you Nosleep! Definitely going to be getting a season pass!

  • Taylor S.
    Posted at 23:15h, 30 January Reply

    “Flight 43” was absolutely riveting. Normally when listening to these stories I play some game and listen to the stories in the background. This story though, I had to stop what I was doing and put my full attention into it. It was absolutely amazing

  • Kristen
    Posted at 19:40h, 31 January Reply

    I really enjoyed “The Whispered Fears of Wayward Boys.” Very creepy and I loved how you view it from the 911 dispatcher. Excellent work C.K. Walker and NoSleep team!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 23:32h, 31 January Reply

    This episode reminds me of how I felt with the first season where absolutely all the stories were bone-chilling. All the stories in this episode is strong. I feel like I’m addicted again.

  • Julien Robic
    Posted at 20:57h, 01 February Reply

    Listened to the 2 first stories so far and I loved them, especially the second one ! The podcast really makes the 2 hours long of train every day feel so much better. Keep up the good work !!

  • James
    Posted at 04:01h, 02 February Reply

    Another average episode. The only highlight was the airplane story. Are the stories you pay for any better?

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 18:11h, 02 February Reply


  • Anonymous
    Posted at 04:30h, 12 April Reply

    This episode gave yours truly a stiffy, as do all the episodes.

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